Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Spanking Lessons

     As I stated in my first post (Spanking An Older Woman) my newfound relationship with a woman 15 years my senior included spanking as an integral part of foreplay, and it was a fairly common occurrence that my girlfriend would be over my knee with her lovely bare bottom facing upward. After years of thinking about spanking, and yearning to have someone who would willingly submit to being spanked, I felt simply overwhelmed and couldn't believe my luck. I still think fondly of those early days in our relationship and remember how I felt so happy to finally have someone who I could share this "secret" with.
     I think that my girlfriend (let's call her "Deana", not her real name) felt the same way. After a lifetime full of accomplishments, amazing experiences, a marriage, and I'm sure some exciting love affairs as well, I'm sure that she was excited to be involved with someone who seemed to enjoy spanking just as much as she did.
     I say "presumed" because, to be honest with you, we NEVER talked about it with each other. Sure, we DID it just fine, and I of course never turned down the opportunity to give her a spanking. We would talk and joke about other aspects of our sex life, and I am sure that I made it clear through my actions that I loved spanking her, but the subject was never breached. In hindsight, our relationship could have been so much better (and there could have been even more and better spankings) if both of us had developed the courage to simply be honest about how we felt.
     Even today I wonder, why was I so shy about it? Clearly I had a passion for spanking, and so did she. Once I got beyond the initial shyness and my reluctance to give her too much pain during a spanking, you would think that we would have openly discussed it at length. We certainly discussed other important topics and did so without embarassment or shame.
     There is a set of e-books circulating in the spanko community that presumably teach the readers how to give a spanking, and how to ask for and receive one. I haven't read them yet, but I hear that they are excellent. Not surprising since the author of the books has one of the best spanking blogs on the internet. I wish that such books would have been available to me many years ago, and I think younger people are lucky to have information like that available.
     I for one am very happy that, by the miracle of the internet, the "spanking community" has found a way to finally communicate and to connect with each other. Whether someone is into spanking for purely sexual reasons, or a couple has adopted domestic discipline as a way of bringing order and structure to their lives, there are blogs, websites, and social networking sites that allow spankos to finally break free from their isolation and to come out of their closet. Nobody has to be embarrassed or ashamed of being a spanko anymore, and perhaps even two spankos in a relationship can actually TALK to each other about spanking.

 Is that progress, or what?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Spanking an Older Woman

I intend to write fiction (short stories, mainly) that include spanking and corporal punishment within the confines of a committed and romantic relationship. While I hone my craft, please enjoy my first attempt. The following is a true story.

My first adult spanking experience (outside of dreaming about it for years and years) occurred when I was in my first year of college. I was an older student, (having served in the military before college) and during the winter semester I took a class from a tall, lovely, elegant older woman who was also an associate instructor at the microbiology department. I was 25 at the time and she was 40.

In contrast to my obvious shyness and naivete, she was smart, confident, classy and had a natural air of authority and sophistication. She was well-educated and had lived in Washington D.C. for several years prior to moving back west. Needless to say, I felt attracted to her immediately, but I also felt that she was way out of my league.

During the first few weeks of class, I managed to overcome my natural shyness and went beyond simply asking questions related to the subject matter. I found that we had a lot in common and I immensely enjoyed our back and forth banter during class discussions. Soon I found the nerve to talk to her after class and invited her for coffee. To my surprise, she was friendly and outgoing and she gladly accepted my invitation. After chatting for awhile, she told me that she was new in town also, was recently divorced, and hadn't made many friends yet. I soon found myself thinking about her constantly, but nothing happened between us. She was very professional and I knew she would not risk her job by dating a student in her class.

After the semester ended, I couldn't resist any further and asked her to share dinner in my off-campus apartment. She smiled and accepted my invitation immediately. I was living by myself at the time and my tiny place was not much to look at, but it was cozy enough and I made it look nice. I made a tasty dinner of lasagna, bread and red wine, and we ate to the sound of soft music playing in the other room. I lit a few scented candles as well. We had a very pleasant conversation, and I felt very relaxed.

After we finished eating there was a long uncomfortable silence. I looked at her and quietly confessed that I felt very attracted to her. She smiled and told me that she had felt the same way about me since the first day of class. I took her hand, and she gently squeezed it in return. I then leaned over and we had our first kiss right there at the dinner table. Slow kisses became more passionate, and soon we were kissing and making out on the couch. I still remember the flickering candlelight.

Within a few days we had progressed to going to bed together. I hadn't had many women before, and sexual intercourse with her was incredible. She knew exactly what to do to make me relax and feel confident with her, and it seems like we made love constantly. About three weeks later, after a lovemaking session, we were both naked and lying in bed. I was on my stomach and on the brink of dozing off when I felt her soft hand slap my butt. She did it again. I asked her what she was doing, and then she giggled, did it again, and said "I'm spanking you".

I kept my cool as best I could (keep in mind that I had been fantasizing about spanking for years at that point) and with my heart pounding I told her that I can give as good as I can get, so she had better stop before I turned the tables and spanked her in return. She smiled broadly and laughed deeply and said "I wish you would!" I sat up and motioned her to lay down, and she stretched out prone on the bed with her hips on top of a pillow.

I gazed in wonder at her incredible buttocks and felt a surge of passion rising up through my body. I swear, her naked ass was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. It just took my breath away. I couldn't believe that after thinking about spanking for so long, it was finally going to happen. Nervously, I rubbed her bottom gently and gave it a few light taps. She moaned softly and wriggled her hips, and quietly said "you can go harder than that". I smiled and started spanking her even more firmly and quickly than before. She moaned again, and wiggled her bottom and said "even harder please".

Soon, I was spanking her firmly and it took a good 35 loud smacks before I heard any sound of discomfort from her. By this time her cheeks were nice and pink, and I could tell that she was aroused as well. I decided to really go for it, so I stopped spanking her and stood up.

I told her to stand up, and as I sat on the edge of the bed I instructed her to lay across my lap. She smiled and came to my side, and quietly told me that she wanted nothing more than for me to give her a real spanking. She asked me to give it to her hard and fast, and that I shouldn't be afraid of hurting her. I nodded, and gazed once more at her lovely naked body standing before me. I gently took her wrist and guided her across my knee. She stopped on the way down to give me a big kiss, and then settled in across my lap. She said "I know it will hurt, but that's OK. I want a real spanking and I want you to give it to me. Please spank me".

I slapped her upturned bottom, first on one cheek and then the other. Soon the spanking progressed to a series of rapid fire, hard spanks and her ass was turning scarlet. She struggled a bit, but somehow I instinctively knew that she wanted me to hold her down and continue spanking in spite of the pain. It wasn't long before I could tell that she was crying real tears and her bottom was burning hot. After about a dozen more spanks I let her up and held her on my lap. She lay there and sobbed for a few minutes as I gently caressed her hair and kissed the tears from her lovely face.

From that point on, spanking was an integral part of our relationship and turning her over my lap was a common occurrence.